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i hate when they're pushy. i hate how they whisper things they think you want to hear, when they don't mean it. and how they ask you so many questions when they know you just don't know. i hate how i feel bad telling them i don't feel the same. and i hate how guys don't get hints. girls give off so many hints, and they're rarely gotten, or acknowledged. i hate leading guys on, because i know being led on sucks. i hate not knowing what the hell it is i want.

on a similar subject:

what does a kiss mean to you? like.. when you kiss someone what is it supposed to mean?

i mean sometimes the other person is just cute.
sometimes a kiss is just a kiss.
its cute.. but that feeling you get from kissing someone you really CARE about is missing. you know?

it just sucks if its just a kiss to one person.. and more to the other person.

uhh i forget what my point was. anyway. answer the bolded question.

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