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you think you know..?

..*Because some people just need the rules spelled out for them*..

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I woke up today a song was swimming in my head
And I hummed it to myself as I got out of bed
And on the way to take a shower it all just dawned on me
That a song like this just might go down in history
I quickly ran back to get my guitar
A pen and some paper

'Cause this whole world needs an Anthem
And I'm trying to put the words where they belong
Yeah this whole world needs an Anthem
And I'm hoping everyone will sing along


So are there rules that apply to everyone.? Can they even be written?

Everyone? Maybe not. But personally I think some things apply to a hell of a lot people. And surprisingly not everyone gets it.

This started off as a joke.. but I was told I should actually do it. Basically I don’t know what this will turn out to be quite yet..? But we shall see how it goes

And if you get it. you can add, take away, complain, join in or whatever the hell floats your boat.

Not everyone is the same.. but it’s actually surprising how alike we can be. If you think about it we all have stuff that goes for a good 90% of us.. that we don’t even realize.

Guys or girls can add stuff/ rules if they so desire. Anyone. Don’t see why not

I’ve had guys tell me that they don’t get hints.. and that they need stuff “spelled out for them”. Guess some of that could go in here. Clear up some of that confusion. Or just add more. Meh. Who knows.

Alright so for now that is my attempted written explanation of the unwritten unexplainable rules.

<3 enjoy..?