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getting to know someone can be the best.. but worst thing ever. its like.. you meet them, they seem cool enough, so you start hanging out. one of two things can happen. they can either be that cool person that you thought.. and you will end up being close for a while. OR you'll end up starting to get to know eachother, and one, or both, of you decide you don't like who the other is. and it sucks thinking that you knew this good person, and they turned out to be something totally different. and you gotta start the process all over again. but i guess that is life. and someday you'll find the right person.. and it'll click.. and they will stay.

uhm. i'm gonna try to stick to the whole rule thing. since this is unwritten rules?

unwritten rule : try to be a decent person to everyone. if they aren't back its really their problem. and never give up. don't get obsessed with the search, just have fun along the way, i guess?

yeah. anyway let's try that one. see how it works.

anything else?
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