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I hate how I come across wrong to some people. And I hate how I'm constantly worried and trying to fix relationships.. or not even relationships but like.. friendliness with some people, and what they 'think' i'm like. And I wonder why I have no energy? Its draining. I just wish people knew my intentions are good and I'm not a horrible person. Atleast I don't think so.

Actually things lately have been really good. I'm just saying there is always something I want to fix. You know?

Oh and this is just a random question but:

Do you ever think about your funeral? Like if you died right now, what people would remember you as, what'd they say, what'd they regret? Ever wonder who would or wouldn't show up, who'd cry, what affect it'd have? It'd be kind of interesting to see, if you could somehow.

..I don't mean that in a suicidal way. I do not want to die. I've just thought about it more often after my aunt's funeral and mass. Its kind of weird..
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