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hate to interrupt the silence..

i've got to realize things i say are heard, acknowledged and possibly repeated. it doesn't always register that i am listened to.

sometimes i just want to stop everything so i can look it all over. so i can analyze how it all happened and how i can undo it all; how i can fix it. i am not perfect, but i wish more people saw things the way i do. it'd make it easier to explain my intentions.

typing this on livejournal does nothing. it doesn't even come close to decribing what its supposed to.
i've felt almost every emotion possible lately, and its strange because i usually am not emotional.

and tomorrow i'll feel something completely different and ignore this all. i don't know if it makes it better or worse.

everyone looks for answers when truth be told, there aren't really any. theres no right and wrong that you can prove. nothing is straight foward. right and wrong, and how things happen is all perspective, and no perspective is the same. so there is no big picture. and if there is its impossible for us to even begin to see.

so if there aren't answers, what do i do with the questions?
this surely puts a damper on the unwritten rules theory.
What is the point of this community..?
I forget.
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