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hey guys im new. i found this community looking at the term "i love you" began to read it and was intrigued :)ok anyways i have a question. kinda dumb,but i dunno, i need help LOL. ok, i like this boy in my english class,and we talk but not really that much,not enough to consider him anything. i want it to be something,but i dont know how to establish this,im kinda shy so im not very good at this sort of thing. we are about to have a two week winter break,and ill go insane if i dont get to talk to him during this,two weeks is too long! i really really like him,probably more than any guy ive ever liked. anyways,im just wondering what i should do..i dont want to sound desprate or dumb but at the same time,i dont want to sit back and wonder if i would of had a chance or not with him. i think this community is great,and i cant wait to become more aquanted with you all. muahs.<3

-Danielle :)
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