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This place needs some activity

What's your first reaction when your boyfriend/girlfriend or someone you are interested in asks you to 'hang out'? I've never viewed it as more than just doing whatever, like watching a movie, but I've been told by a friend that it's a saying that's viewed negatively, where 'hanging out' really means just fooling around. I just thought of what he said randomly a few minutes ago so meh. Is he crazy or is this actually true? I'm kinda starting to believe it.

I've also realized that only one of these posts actually has an unwritten rule. We can make this an unwritten rule after everyone has discussed what they think, or something.
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uhm? not usually a bad reaction. depends on the way they say it or the situation. i'd say i "hang out" with my boyfriend. although i don't even like the term 'boyfriend'. i dont know. hanging out is when two people are together having a good time. doesn't really specify what kind of time. romantic or not. so i see nothing wrong with "hanging out". depends i guess. i know what you mean though. kind of. actually that was a really weird question.. and i'm not sure if i even get it. but i hope my rambling helped.
tru dat yo
Sorry about being wicked late here, I always wondered whether or not you were pointing to what Eileen typed out or your icon, as if to tell me to bite you. Meh.
i'm pretty sure shes talking about what i said, timothy. haha. nice though.