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hi guys i just joined :) i was told about this community by behind blue eyes :P


why dont guys know what a girl wants? You'd think after being with a girl for almost 2 years, you'd figure that she's romantic and likes the little things. Is it bad if you love someone but at the same time, they dont have or give you what you want. The person has all the qualities and you love him...but he doesnt go out of his way for u. i dont know its confusing i guess but thats how i feel lol. My bf knows i am a big romantic, but never does anything romantic for me. he used to...when we were first together almost 2 years ago lol. he wrote poems about us, and drew me drawings, wrote me letters, and now...the most romantic thing he'll do is carry my books for me.

haha i dont really know what this community is about, but just wondering what you guys think. Boys just dont get it lol hah

anyways, i hope 2 meet ya guys :P

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